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Hi everyone!

I’m Monica and i am a young 21 year old first time mum from Glasgow Scotland, currently studying as well as trying to work and be a parent, Some ask how do you do it? well this is why i have been toying with idea of writing about the ups and downs of being a mum and also trying to get an education but trying to keep on-top of the day-to-day life of everything else. So here i am!

Me and my other-half are going on Seven years together… yes seven years we met when we were at school and its been a fairytale ever since (cringe!) we welcomed our own little bundle of joy in May 2018… Her name? Clara Elizabeth.

Being told at the age of 19 your whole life was about to change was a world wind of emotions stress and lots and lots of anxiety!! I had gone from a young free girl to mother overnight after looking at those two bright red lines on the pee stick i had just bought from a chemist in Majorca! which btw cost me €14.99 that almost floored me before i had even taken the test. But would i change any of it? not a chance.

I always knew i was destined to be a mum at some point I was just given the chance a little earlier than expected and I now have the most amazing little human to share everything with but also that little human drives me crazy.. we mums all feel it and its okay you are allowed to have a day off now and again and be yourself not just that little human(s) mum!

I hope my posts and tips will be a help to all mums out there who are either studying, working full time/part time or the stay at home mums, i also hope it gives you a good laugh too. Laughing and staying sane is important when your a parent, i am so open to meeting new people and sharing my experiences good or bad with everyone who is open to listen and hear me rant every now and again!

Stay posted for more posts to follow and you can catch me on Instagram @youngmodernmamma – where i will be posting regularly and pictures too!

Love Mon x

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